tatsuo kuroda studio


compass light

Light represents security. Compass light is an interactive lamp that light will be turned on when it points to the direction where you set up. This study will focuses on ‘Direction’ which is the missing experiential quality in the current long distance communication tools, and explore to create a emotional connection between people and their familiar environment in an aim to psychologically create a sense of emotional linkage between them. The sense of direction could provide a richer, positive emotional effect and bring more value to people experiencing the pains of living apart from their families and homes.

In today`s times there are more people than ever living apart from their families and hometowns. This demographic changes are stressful and likely to increase the risk of changes in mental or physical health. This idea is supported by my own experience of overseas life and also by the findings in the several interviews with international students living abroad. The concept of the Mecca direction telling compass is an interesting cultural precedent for the design task. It can be said that Qibla compass is a device that provide a positive emotional effect to Muslims by creating geographical awareness.

1:functional design as a lighting equipment. I made a study of the design and scale by mockā€up made of styrofoam. The prototype is made of steel. To rotate smoothly 360 degrees, I considered the mechanism using ball bearing, and verified the balance and weight. 2:development of digital device. I developed and programmed digital components like LED, digital compass module, battery and so on to be operated by wireless access. 3:interface design by Flash. I designed a world-map interface which has points that can be clicked by Flash to operate compass light by wireless access.